Luke Blehm

Deputy Division Chief Luke Blehm has been employed with ABC since 2010. He was promoted to Supervising Agent in the Redding District Office in 2018. He served as the Acting Supervising Agent in Charge of the Sacramento and Redding offices in 2020.

Luke Blehm

Luke Blehm

Deputy Division Chief, Northern Division

Prior to working at ABC, Blehm was a police officer for the City of Redding for 14 years. Prior to becoming a police officer, he served as an explorer and then a cadet with the Redding Police Department and as a reserve police officer for the City of Chico.

Luke has held a number of specialty assignments throughout his career, including:

Statewide First Aid/CPR/Tactical Medicine Instructor, Narcotics detection K-9 handler, and Traffic Specialist/Motor Officer (where he investigated several fatal collisions). He organized and assisted with numerous large-scale public events in the City of Redding. He has been a Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field Training Officer, Peer Support Counselor, Narcotics Task Force Investigator, Range Master/Firearms Instructor, Explorer Advisor, and School Resource Officer for three high schools.  Luke is nationally and state certified as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Luke has been the recipient of several law enforcement awards, including:

  • Police Commendation award, for Fire Evacuations
  • Police Commendation award, for Officer Involved Shooting
  • Police Merit award, for work with Redding Police Explorers
  • ’MADD’ Hero award, for making a large number of DUI arrests and conducting training
  • Police Merit award, for disarming a suicidal subject
  • Police Life Saving award, for providing rescue breathing to a hanging victim and saving her life
  • ABC Outstanding Performance award, for the investigation of a drunk driving collision that resulted in the death of two persons.  The driver was ultimately convicted of second-degree murder.