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Stay up to date on issues that affect the alcoholic beverage industry.

Public Health Orders Regarding Licensed Premises Closures

Due to increases in COVID-19 transmission, Governor Newsom and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) have issued new directives limiting the operation of specific ABC-licensed businesses in certain counties. CDPH’s July 1, 2020, directive…

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What is required to be considered a “meal”?

The Department has issued a variety of regulatory relief measures that require service of a meal. This Advisory provides guidance as to what servings of food licensees must prepare and offer to comply with this requirement…

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Delivery Minor Decoy Requirements Industry Advisory

The Department urges ABC licensees who deliver alcoholic beverages to consumers away from their licensed premises, whether themselves or through a third-party delivery service acting on their behalf, to review their internal policies and to ensure that any third-party delivery service…

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Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages

Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages Many licensees deliver alcoholic beverages to consumers at residences, businesses, and other locations away from the licensed premises. Although delivery is a privilege most retailers have had for many years with respect to...

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