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  • Important Announcements and Press Releases on current events.

  • These announcements would be related to grant or funding opportunities for local law enforcement, prevention organizations, or other stakeholders who might apply.

  • These announcements are related to clarification on laws, rules, and regulations, or information that provides guidance on emergencies and other industry related matters.

  • These announcements will provide information on the implementation of the Responsible Beverage Service Training Act (Assembly Bill 1221). This new law requires all alcoholic beverage servers to take RBS training in order to work as a server and takes effect in July 2021. Between now and then, the ABC will be holding meetings with stakeholder organizations and the public to develop regulations for the program.

  • These announcements will provide information about select enforcement actions taken by ABC and our partner agencies in your communities.

  • These announcements will provide information and updates on the new online price posting system that the Department plans to implement in 2020.

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