Become an ABC Agent


ABC Agents are fully sworn peace officers who primarily work plainclothes investigating criminal and administrative violations of the state’s alcoholic beverage laws.

ABC Agents also work undercover investigating vice violations including narcotics, gambling, human trafficking, receiving stolen property, and alcohol-related crimes.

ABC Agents collaborate with local communities to address neighborhood problems and quality of life issues.

Additionally, ABC partners with local law enforcement agencies to prevent alcohol-related crime by raising awareness of the danger of driving under the influence, conducting proactive business inspections, and engaging with teens about alcohol use and abuse.

Steps to Become an ABC Agent

These six steps outline the ABC Agent application and hiring process. Follow this outline closely to ensure application completeness and to prevent unnecessary delays. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact a recruiter for more information.

Peace Officer Requirements

Before applying for the Agent position, please review the following Peace Officer Candidate Selection Standards.

Contact a Recruiter

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Salary and Benefits

Join the ABC for an exciting career that offers competitive monthly salaries, generous vacation and retirement benefits, opportunities for growth, work-life balance, and the opportunity to make a positive impact in communities throughout California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend a police academy?

If you do not already possess a valid POST Basic Certificate or equivalent, you must attend a POST Basic Academy. Recruits are generally sent to an academy within the jurisdiction of the district office that they are assigned to. If there are multiple basic academies within that jurisdiction, the agent will attend the academy that begins closest to his/her anticipated hire date.

What is the hiring process for laterals?

The application and hiring process is the same for laterals as any other applicant. Laterals, however, will not have to attend another police academy when hired.

I have over two years of law enforcement experience outside of California. Do I meet the minimum qualifications of two years of experience as a peace officer for the Agent exam?

To qualify for the agent exam under the law enforcement experience qualification, you must have at least two years of sworn peace officer experience (as defined in the California Penal Code Section 830 et. seq. or equivalent Federal or out-of-State law enforcement) performing patrol or investigative work.

When is the next exam?

Applications are being accepted on a continuous basis. Applications received will be scheduled for the next available examination. A list of testing dates and locations can be found on the Exam Bulletin.