Encouraging Community
Safety Through Prevention


ABC partners with local law enforcement agencies to prevent alcohol-related crime through raising awareness of the danger of driving under the influence, conducting proactive business inspections, ensuring that human trafficking notices are posted, and engaging with teens about alcohol use and abuse.

Business Inspections

ABC carries out business inspections through its Informed Merchants Preventing Alcohol-Related Crime Tendencies (IMPACT) Program. IMPACT is a prevention and education program that uses the community oriented policing approach of involving local merchants in deterring crime.

Human Trafficking

The law requires certain types of businesses to post a notice informing the public and victims of human trafficking of telephone hotline numbers to seek help or report unlawful activity. 

Teens and Alcohol

Know the law and the consequences when minors use and abuse alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

May local law enforcement agencies use minor decoys to buy alcoholic beverages from licensed premises?

Yes. The California Supreme Court has held that the Decoy Program is legal and not entrapment. The Decoy Program allows local law enforcement agencies to use persons under age 20 as decoys to buy alcoholic beverages from licensed premises. The decision to use the Decoy Program is up to each law enforcement agency.

Law enforcement agencies that choose to use the Decoy Program must follow these rules:

  • The decoy must be under 20 years old;
  • The decoy must appear under 21 years old;
  • The decoy must carry his or her own I.D. showing the decoy’s correct date of birth or carry no I.D. A decoy who carries I.D. shall present it upon request to any seller of alcoholic beverages;
  • The decoy must answer truthfully any questions about his or her age; and
  • After the sale, the decoy must identify the seller, face to face.
  • After completion of a decoy program the law enforcement agency must notify licensees of the results, whether or not the licensees violated the law.

(Rule 141, California Code of Regulations and Section 25658)

Does ABC have a staff of employees whose duty it is to enforce the Act? How are they identified?

Yes. ABC employs investigators who are peace officers to enforce the penal provisions of the Act (Section 25755).
These officers are identified by a gold badge and by a plastic identification card, which bears the investigator’s picture and states “State Peace Officer.”

With regard to purchase, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages, what is the age of majority?

The age of majority for these purposes is 21 years of age (Section 22 of Article XX, California Constitution).

What is the penalty for a person who furnishes alcohol to a minor?

A minimum $1,000 fine and 24 hours of community service. If a person buys alcohol and furnishes it to a minor who consumes it and causes great bodily injury or death to himself or others, the furnisher faces a minimum 6-12 months in county jail and a $1,000 fine (Sections 25658(a), 25658(c) and 25658(e)(2)(3)).