Prop 65 Notice


As you may be aware, California’s Proposition 65 requires businesses that serve or sell alcoholic beverages to provide consumers with a warning concerning certain reported health risks associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Effective July 1989, warning signs were required to be posted that read:
This sign is required under California Code of Regulations, Division 2, Chapter 3, Article 6, Section 12601 (b)(1)(D) that states that these
warnings for alcoholic beverages may be provided through the use of point-of-sell or point-of-display signs or notices. It is our intent to assist you in gaining proper compliance so as to avoid the potential of a costly lawsuit with statutory penalties of up to $2,500 per sale in violation of the law. To that end, we are requesting you to do the following:
1) Check to be sure that your business is properly posted with a warning sign with the wording described above. For all establishments, a 10" x 10" black and white notice must be displayed at each public entrance where alcoholic beverages are served. For off-sale establishments, a red and white 5" x 5" sign must be displayed at each check-out counter.
2) If you are in need of a sign(s), or if the existing sign(s) are worn and need replacing, call (800) 421-3003 or your local wholesaler and the necessary materials will be sent at NO CHARGE or obligation to you. For more information contact OEHHA Proposition 65 Program at (916) 445-6900, or visit the OEHHA website.