Program Components

Inspection And Advisement

IMPACT teams select and survey licensed outlets at random. During their visits, IMPACT teams remind licensees of the responsibilities and accountability associated with the sale of alcohol. The officers also inspect licensed premises for compliance with State and local laws. The officers may look for loitering, litter, graffiti, posted signs, slot machines, lack of food service in restaurants, illegal weapons, or other violations.

Although the focus is to educate, officers will take action if they see any major violations during
the inspections. A checklist is used to note any violations observed and it is given to the licensee. Licensees must then correct any problem areas.

If the licensee has any questions after the IMPACT team has left the premises, the licensee may call the nearest ABC district or branch office or local law enforcement agency.

Follow-Up Visits

About 20 days later, officers conduct follow-up visits to see if the licensee corrected the problems noted. If the licensee has not, the checklist is noted and the information is given to the local ABC district or branch office for possible disciplinary action against the license. In addition, officers may issue a criminal citation for any criminal violations.


IMPACT teams use the media to publicize their activities. Media stories are generally positive, telling how the program helps bring about voluntary compliance among licensees who may be unaware of the law.

Results And Impact

Response from the public has been very favorable. Merchants have accepted the program and its philosophy because they are being offered a chance to identify and correct any problems without penalties. Local communities endorse the program because it (1) improves the relationship between law enforcement and merchants, and (2) improves neighborhood conditions.

Local law enforcement agencies generally use traffic, vice, or patrol hours.

ABC Contact Information

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has District offices throughout the State to assist the public with its licensing needs. For a complete listing of ABC District Offices and other information about the ABC, please check our website at