Posting of License and License Conditions

B & P Code 24046.
Posting License

Upon receipt of any license, the licensee shall post it in a conspicuous place upon the licensed premises.

Type 47 Pink License

B & P Code 23800.

The department may place reasonable conditions upon retail licensees or upon any license in the exercise of retail privileges.

B & P Code 23801.

The conditions authorized by Section 23800 may cover any matter relating to the privileges to be exercised under the license, the personal qualifications of the licensee, the conduct of the business or the condition of the premises, which will protect the public welfare and morals.

B & P Code 23802.
Endorsement of Conditions on License

Such conditions shall be endorsed upon the license and any renewal thereof and shall be binding upon all persons to whom the license is transferred.

B & P Code 23804.
Violation of Conditions

A violation of a condition upon a license shall be grounds for the suspension or revocation of such license.