Miscellaneous License Requests

Forms needed to complete miscellaneous ABC license requests. 

Form Revised Date Description
ABC 209NEW 07/19 Application Withdrawal
ABC 209 InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 219NEW 07/19 Advice of Correction
ABC 231 10/08 License Action Request
ABC 231 Instructions 10/08
ABC 238  12/03 Permit For Temporary Continuation of Retail Business
ABC 239  09/14 Additional License/Permit Application
ABC 241 NEW 07/19 Application/Permit for Private Warehouse
ABC 292  03/00 Application for Reinstatement
ABC 405FL  02/14 Application to Determine Qualifications of Lessee
ABC 405M NEW 07/19 Application to Determine Qualifications of Manager

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