Register for LEAD (Licensee/Server Training)

ABC offers training to licensees through its Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs (LEAD) Program. Here you will find information about the LEAD Program and how to register for LEAD training.

ATTENTION! All In-Person LEAD training classes have been canceled until further notice. The On-Line LEAD class is still available.

What Is The LEAD Program?

The LEAD Program is a free, voluntary prevention and education program for retail licensees, their employees, and applicants.  The program started on January 1, 1991, and continues today.

The curriculum is designed for licensees, managers, and employees.  The program length is approximately 4 hours.

To view the LEAD schedule and register for an on-site class visit the website and  Register Here for On-Site LEAD Class.

In addition to the free on-site class, ABC also offers the free on-line LEAD class. Visit the website and  Register Here for On-Line LEAD Class.


The mission of The LEAD Program

The mission of the LEAD Program is to provide high quality, effective and educationally sound training on alcohol responsibility and the law to California retail licensees and their employees.

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control expects and encourages licensees to act responsibly relative to their alcoholic beverage license privileges. The LEAD Program provides the licensee and applicant with practical information on serving alcoholic beverages safely, responsibly, and legally, and preventing illicit drug activity at the licensed establishment.

If the licensee has any questions after the IMPACT inspection, the licensee may call their ABC office.  Visit: ABC District Offices to find your local office.

Program Topics

  • Community Relations
  • Laws and Liability
  • Checking Identification
  • Alcohol Facts
  • Intoxication
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Minors

Benefits of Training

  • Increased confidence in checking identifications and detecting minors
  • Ability to detect signs of alcohol overconsumption and/or illegal drug activity
  • Reduces the risk of liability, including criminal (court action), civil (lawsuit) and administration (ABC accusation).
  • Possible reduced insurance premiums
  • Provides ways to deal with difficult situations

Class Requirements

  • Must be on time (Late arrivals will not be admitted)
  • Must be present the duration of the entire training (4 hours)
  • No cell phone use during class
  • Bring your confirmation number or copy of confirmation email
  • Bring a pen or pencil and notepad
  • Must pass written exam to receive a certificate of completion (written exam is offered in English)
  • Bring your own interpreter if needed

Required Registration Information

  • Your name, this will be how it will appear on your certificate (first, last)
  • Valid Email address.
  • Valid phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a LEAD Certificate?

In order to obtain a LEAD completion certificate, you must either complete the Online LEAD Training or attend an instructor-led (in-person) LEAD class and pass the exam. The certificates for the online training are made available immediately following the completion of the course. The certificates for an instructor-led class are provided via email approximately 1 to 3 days following the class.

How do I make reservations for an instructor-led LEAD Training Class?

We no longer accept reservations by telephone. To make a reservation, visit Instructor-Led LEAD Registration. This is an online registration system and is separate from the Online LEAD Training Center. Each person must register individually for a class. Once you have chosen a date and location from our existing class schedule, the system will state how many seats are available for that class. If it is not full, you can complete the registration process and you will be emailed a confirmation notice, which you should bring with you to the class.

What should I bring to the instructor-led class?

Each participant should bring paper, a pen, and a copy of their email confirmation showing they are registered to take the class. It is also recommended that each participant bring a copy of their (or their employers) ABC license. The license is used for educational purposes during the training. You can still attend even if you don’t have a copy of an ABC license.

What is the difference between RBS and LEAD?

Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training educates people seeking employment or those who are currently employed as servers of alcoholic beverages.  It provides servers with the necessary knowledge and skills to responsibly serve alcoholic beverages to avoid causing alcohol-related harm to their communities.

Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs (LEAD) is ABC’s free voluntary prevention and education program for all licensees and their employees. LEAD provides practical information on serving alcoholic beverages safely, responsibly, and legally, as well as ways to prevent illicit drug activity at a licensed establishment.  

Although some local governments currently require servers working in their jurisdictions to attend a LEAD course, the ABC LEAD program will not fulfill the requirements mandated by AB 1221 and will not qualify as an ABC approved RBS Training when the new training mandate goes into effect in 2021.