Proposed Text Rule 106(d)

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Title 4. Business Regulations
Division 1. Department Of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Article 16. Signs And Notices
Section. 106(d) Alcoholic Beverage Lists.

d) Alcoholic Beverage Lists. A supplier shall not furnish wine and/or spirits lists to a retailer except as permitted by this Rule.

A supplier of alcoholic beverages other than beer who is authorized by its license to sell its product to retailers may furnish to retailers authorized by their license to sell such alcoholic beverages other than beer, lists of alcoholic beverages other than beer sold and/or produced by the licensee and/or other suppliers, provided that the material for such lists and all components thereof shall not cost more than     $50 per unit original cost to the supplier. A supplier may not make payment to a retailer for the purchase of wine and/or spirits lists, or reimburse a retailer for payment already made for the purchase of wine and/or spirits lists. Without limitation, the following may appear on said list:

(1)    the name (or names) of the producer (or producers) of the wine and/or spirits and address, logo, slogan or other symbols or markings associated with and used by the producer in identifying his name or products;

(2)    name of the product (or products), brand name, price, size, vintage date, bin number or other product designation;

(3)    product description or identifying information or appellation of origin;

(4)    the name of the retail licensee to whom the list is furnished and such retailers address, slogan, logo, etc. associated with and used by the retailer in identifying his name, business or establishment.

Note: Authority citied: Sections 25500, 25750 and 25600, 25600(a)(1),