The following is a list of terms used in the License Lookup System and their meanings.

Accusation – A formal charge filed by the local ABC District Office against a licensee to suspend or revoke a license. Similar to a complaint in a civil matter.

Business Address – The physical address of the licensed business. May be different from the licensee’s mailing address or corporate headquarters.

Business Name – The name under which the licensee conducts his business. Sometimes referred to as “D.B.A.” (“doing business as . . .”). For example “Joe’s Bar”.

Census Tract – A designated geographic area as determined by the most recent United States decennial or special census.

Charge – A word description of the law, rule, or regulation violated, which is the basis for the accusation.

Cleared – Means that an accusation or petition/protest matter is final by order of the ABC Director.

Company Name – The name of the entity that owns the business. May or may not be the same as “Business Name”.

Conditions – Special restrictions on a license to protect the public health and safety. Conditions may relate to employment of certain persons or the conduct of the business. For example, limits on hours of alcoholic beverage sales, type of entertainment allowed or required security or lighting.

Disciplinary History – A complete record of past violations of law, rule or regulation.

Duplicates – An additional license that a licensee may acquire, if necessary. Duplicates may be for additional rooms, rooms for designated persons, portable bars, controlled access cabinets in hotels, catering permits, events held on property adjacent to the licensed premises, beer manufacturers or wine growers.

License Number – The number assigned to a specific ABC license.

License Transferred From– The licensee and/or location from whom the license was transferred.

License Transferred To – The person and/or location to whom the license was transferred.

Licensee Name – A person, persons or entity holding a license issued by ABC.

Master – the main or controlling license.

Office of Application – The ABC District Office at which the applicant applied for the license. (See list of ABC District Office locations.)

POIC – Acronym for Petition for Offer in Compromise; a fine paid by a licensee in lieu of serving a license suspension.

Reg. Date – The date an accusation of petition/protest matter was registered in ABC Headquarters.

Reg. Number – Registration number assigned to an accusation or petition/protest matter involving a licensee or applicant. The number helps track the matter until its disposition.

Reporting Agency – A law enforcement agency that notifies the local ABC District Office of a violation.

Rev. Stayed – Means that ABC revoked the license, but withheld imposing the revocation for a period of time (usually 1-3 years). During the stayed period, the licensee was required to meet certain conditions (for example, serve a license suspension and not commit further violations). If, during the 1-3 year stayed period, a licensee fails to meet the conditions of his probation, ABC may permanently revoke the license.

Status – The legal standing of the license. The various status are as follows:

  • A/REV – Automatically Revoked Due to Non-Payment of Renewal
  • ACTIVE – Active
  • CAN – Canceled
  • DENY – Denied
  • INACT – Inactive
  • ISSUPD – Indefinite Suspension
  • NREN – Non-Renewal
  • PEND – Pending
  • R64B – Issue And Hold
  • R65 – Surrendered, not in use
  • REV – Revocation
  • REVP – Revocation Pending Due To Non-Payment of Recent Renewal
  • RNST – In The Process of Being Reinstated Due To Late Payment Of Renewal
  • SUSPEND – Suspended
  • SUREND – Surrendered
  • S/REV – Revoked for SLMS
  • SLMS – Social Services Hold
  • Void – Voided
  • WDRL – Withdrawn

Term – The number of months for which a license is valid.

Violated – The numeric section(s) of law, rule, or regulation violated, which is the basis for the accusation.

Action – The type of action taken:

  • DBL – Double Transfer
  • DPR – Dropping Partner
  • DOR – Duplicate Original
  • EXC – Exchange
  • FID – Fiduciary
  • ICO – Intercounty
  • ORI – Original
  • PER – Person to Person
  • PREM – Premise to Premise
  • STK – Stock Transfer
  • EXC/PER – Person to Person Exchange
  • EXC/PERP – Person to Person, Premise to Premise Exchange
  • EXC/PREM – Premise to Premise Exchange

District Codes:

  • 01-Inglewood
  • 02-Monrovia
  • 03-Lakewood/Long Beach
  • 04-Los Angeles/Metro
  • 05-Van Nuys
  • 06-Bakersfield
  • 07-Riverfside
  • 08-Rancho Mirage
  • 09-San Marcos
  • 10-San Diego
  • 11-Santa Ana
  • 12-Ventura
  • 13-San Luis Obispo
  • 21-Fresno
  • 22-Oakland
  • 23-Sacramento
  • 24-San Francisco
  • 25-San Jose
  • 26-Salinas
  • 27-Santa Rosa
  • 28-Eureka
  • 29-Stockton
  • 30-Yuba City
  • 31-Redding
  • 50-Headquarters
  • 51-Northern Division
  • 52-Southern Division
  • 75-Headquarters Licensing





Additional information may be obtained by contacting your local ABC District Office.

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