Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement

Information contained in the Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement form (STD. 399) on the subject of Premises Expansion.

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Economic Impact Statement

Department Name:
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Contact Person:
Robert de Ruyter
Email Address:
Telephone Number:
(916) 419-8958
Descriptive Title From Notice Register or Form 400:
Licensing of Permanent Non-Contiguous Areas

A. Estimated Private Sector Cost Impacts

This regulation:
Establishes policies for approval of permanent non-contiguous licensed premises expansions that became prevalent during COVID-19 pandemic.

B. Estimated Costs

Nothing is entered in this section of the form.

C. Estimated Benefits

Nothing is entered in this section of the form.

D. Alternatives to the Regulation

Nothing is entered in this section of the form.

E. Major Regulations

Nothing is entered in this section of the form.

Fiscal Impact Statement

A. Fiscal Effect on Local Government

No additional costs or savings. This regulation makes only technical, non-substantive or clarifying changes to current law regulations.

B. Fiscal Effect on State Government

Other. This regulation changes items investigated by ABC when approving a permanent non-contiguous licensed area, but the number of investigations and costs of those investigations remain unchanged.

C. Fiscal Effect on Federal Funding of State Programs

No fiscal impact exits. This regulation does not affect any federally funded State agency or program.


This form was signed by the Fiscal Officer on April 29, 2022 and by the Agency Secretary on July 11, 2022.