Online LEAD Program User Guide

Printable Online LEAD Program User Guide

Download a printable copy of the Online LEAD Program User Guide by clicking the PDF download button.

A. First Time Users

Access the online LEAD Training Program website.

First time users register now

To create a user profile, click the “Register Now” button, and complete the required fields on the registration page.

First time users create new account

B. Returning Users

Access the online LEAD Training welcome page.

Returning users login

Enter your username and password. If you do not recall your password, click the “Forgotten your username or password”.

C. How to Enroll in the online LEAD class

  1. Log in to the online LEAD Training Program to see all available courses.
  2. Available courses overview

  3. Select Module 1 to begin the online LEAD Training Program.
  4. Online lead course for Module one

  5. Next, click the “Enroll Me” button.
  6. Enroll me in the lead course

  7. Click the “Enter This Course” button to begin the LEAD training.
  8. Enter course module

  9. To resume the course after logging off, sign into your account and click the “Overview” tab on the welcome page.
  10. Navigation bar with overview tab

D. How to Print your LEAD Certificate

After completing the training course, you will now have access to the LEAD Certificate Module. It is highly recommended that you save a copy of your certificate in your personal records.

To access your certificate through the online LEAD Training Center:

  1. From the Available Courses page, go to the “LEAD Certificate” Module.
  2. View LEAD Certificate

  3. Select “View Certificate” button at the bottom of the page.
  4. View lead certificate

E. How to Review Modules after Completing the Course or Retake the Entire Course

  1. From the “Home” page, click on the course you wish to review and/or retake.
  2. Select “Enter This Course” on the desired module to review the information.

Enter the lead module course

Note: The highest-grade attempt will be used for reporting (no matter how many other attempts made).

For example, if the first attempt has score of 60% in the Module shown above, the grade reported will still be 90%.

F. How to reset your password or recall your username

  1. If you do not recall your password or username, click the “Forgotten your username or password” link.
  2. Your account will be locked if you exceed the acceptable number of attempts to log in. It is recommended that you use the “Forgotten your username or password” link if you suspect that you do not recall the correct password.

    Forgotten your username or password

  3. You can reset your password by either entering your username or email address. The “Search by email address” will also provide your username and require you to reset your password.

Search box to reset the password