Comments on Delivery Minor Decoy Requirements

Comments received during the week of August 10 to August 17, 2020.

Comment #1

From Arkan Somo, Neighborhood Market Association

The Neighborhood Market Association is a 25-year old trade association that represents over 650 independent retailers and family-owned businesses in the state of California.

On behalf of the entire NMA membership we are strongly in support of the consideration to the Proposed Adoption of Regulations for Delivery Minor Decoy Requirements.

Current ABC regulations did not include an enforcement mechanism addressing retail alcoholic beverage delivery away from the licensed premises for offpremises consumption. ABC has already enacted these regulations on an emergency basis, but there is a need for these regulations to be adopted permanently to ensure the increase in delivery of alcoholic beverages does not result in persons under 21 years of age obtaining alcohol.

These regulations are long overdue to prevent minors’ access to alcoholic beverages. We all need to work together to keep our kids from computation of adult beverages and to keep our community safe.

Arkan Somo

ABC Response

Comments will be addressed at the end of the comment period.

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