December 2020

Program updates from the Price Posting Support Team including project development and testing and process changes.

Project Development and Testing

We have completed user acceptance testing and received great feedback from the participants. Though we do not have a system release date yet, we will begin to provide you with information on how to use the online beer price posting system. We are working on FAQs and training videos to ease the transition from our current price posting submission processes to the online electronic process.

Process Changes

There are some procedures that will be different than how you are currently submitting price schedules to the Department. Some of the processes that will change once the system goes live are as follows:

  • Form ABC-701 will no longer be used. Prices can only be submitted online by either manually inputting the information or using a bulk upload process.
  • Users can complete a bulk upload of their prices utilizing the Price Posting Upload Template which can be found in the Templates and Global Settings.
  • Users can only use the pre-loaded information contained in the system. The pre-loaded information, referred to as global settings, will include container size, container type, package configuration, and to whom the beer is sold. The current global settings pre-loaded in the system are viewable in the Templates and Global Settings.
  • Manufacturers must input their products into the system prior to any licensee posting prices for those products. This can be done manually in the system or by utilizing the Product Upload Template contained in the Templates and Global Settings.

The purpose for this communication is to provide you with advance notice of the changes to the price posting process so you can prepare to utilize the system effectively. Please download the Templates and Global Settings file and review the two templates and the current global settings list for container size, container type, package configurations, and the sell to options. The Excel workbook contains eight sheets. The first four contain the bulk upload templates and examples of how to complete them. The last four contain the lists of the global settings. If you sell any sizes, types, or configurations that are not listed in the global settings, please notify the Department by sending an email to Please be aware that the information requested in the headers of the bulk upload templates will be required to complete the bulk upload process.

If you have any questions, please contact the price posting support team at


Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Price Posting Unit:

Ebory Camejo-Carrillo
3927 Lennane Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone: (916) 419-2571