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Comments received during the week of August 19, 2019.

Comment #4

From Kimberly Blakeley

I just have a few questions. I read the power point from your last meeting.

It basically states training companies will provide servers with certificates. Is this a figure of speech, as I thought there are no hard copies but this information is maintained online to retrieve upon successful completion of the online exam?

Also, is there additional “required” information when registrants attend a training session.

  • Complete name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Last 4 of SSN (Full SSN)
  • DOB
  • Date of training

I’m basing this information from other states where this program was mandatory. I had a sign-in sheet and then put this information into a spreadsheet for each training session. Is there an expected methodical procedure at this time for the sign-in process? I understand the administration of the program is a work-in-progress.

I am looking forward to a future meeting to learn the particulars of the process.

Thank you and have a great cool day!!

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Comment #5

From Vince

I am in the process of developing a comprehensive server training on alcohol service, consumption, and the effects on the body. This training will also cover how to handle different situations, what managers can do, and how to protect everyone.

My question is how can I get this certified and recognized by ABC as a viable option for businesses.

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Comments will be addressed at the end of the 45 day comment period.