Comments on Administrative Emergency Decisions Pending Emergency Regulation

Comments received during the week of October 26, 2020 to November 1, 2020.

Comment #3

From Daniel Savala, Sr. Project Manager , CIVICCOGROUP

Good morning,

My name is Daniel Savala and I writing today on behalf of the Del Paso Blvd Partnership, a property based improvements district in Sacramento California.

The Del Paso Blvd Bard of Directors fully support the proposed regulation for emergency administrative decision. As a struggling business corridor, we spend far too much time and recourses dealing with the two liquor stores we have on Del Paso Blvd. Both of them are open till 2am and we must regularly clean up empty beer cans and broken bottles. Our local law enforcement agency is too busy and tell us that the process for closing or conditioning once of these stores is too big of an obstacle.

We fully support the proposed emergency regulations.

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Comment #4

From Gordon Hull

To Whom It May Concern,

I am concerned that the proposed Emergency Decision regulation being proposed could deny licensees of due process. I would like to know why existing state laws do not already provide jurisdictions with sufficient authorityI to protect the public.
I believe a full public hearing to discuss this proposal is warranted.

ABC Response

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Comment #5

From Sparrow Tang

Law and Policy Unit,
The Department licenses and regulates approximately 50,000 businesses in California that have the privilege to sell and serve alcohol on their licensed premises.

The Department has received 520 complaints from local law enforcement and the public of licensees in violation of rules established by an emergency order during this pandemic. Department Agents have confirmed 176 licensed premises throughout the state to be engaging in activities that are in violation of emergency orders, of the 176 contacted by the Department, 14 initially refused to comply and remained in violation of the emergency orders in place, so this emergency adoption is needed to enforce roughly 10~14 licensees in the state in violation? That’s 0.02% of all license holders in CA. This is clearly just a department power grab, ABC should be spending less time fighting for power and more time working with the businesses that support California! If this kind of over reach of power is allowed your department will have nothing left to regulate. I personally have had multiple experiences with ABC departments unable or un willing to even answer the phone or answer questions. How is it that your department will have time to perform this function when you are not even able to handle the day to day business of supporting licenses.
Wake Up!

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Comments will be addressed at the end of the comment period.