Apr 13, 2021

ABC Revokes the License of Kesler’s Lounge in Vallejo

Alcohol sales are no longer allowed at the lounge until the license is transferred

Vallejo – The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has revoked the license of Kesler’s Lounge located at 125 Couch Street in Vallejo. The revocation is stayed for 180 days to allow for an ownership transfer approved by the Department. ABC Agents posted a public notice at Kesler’s Lounge on April 8 that the license is indefinitely suspended. Alcohol sales are immediately prohibited until the license transfers.

ABC revoked the license based on complaints of illegal sales of narcotics at Kesler’s Lounge. Pursuant to the complaints, ABC initiated an investigation spanning nearly five months. Undercover agents were able to purchase suspected methamphetamine from employees and patrons during multiple visits to the licensed premises. The investigation culminated with the arrest of an employee and patron who were suspected of the sale of illegal narcotics. Based on the numerous violations discovered during the Department’s investigation, ABC filed an administrative accusation against the licensee.

The licensee agreed to a settlement offer and the license will be suspended indefinitely until it is transferred. If the terms of the Department’s decision are not met, the ABC license will be revoked.

ABC is a Department of the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency.


Additional information may be obtained by contacting:

Public Information Office
3927 Lennane Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95834
Email: pio@abc.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 419-2525

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