Aug 30, 2023

ABC License Administrators can now Submit Winegrowers/Blenders Reports Online

Sacramento – The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has added another feature to its expanding Online Services for licensees. Licensees can now submit their Winegrowers/Wine Blenders report using their License Administrator or designee account online.

“We are excited to add this feature and to continue adding Online Services to modernize our business practices and provide greater efficiency for our licensees,” said Licensing Division Chief Jaime Taylor.

The new feature will allow licensees to complete their annual reporting requirements within minutes. License Administrators and their designees can now select a license associated to their online account and then enter the total number of gallons produced or blended for the prior fiscal year. The report will show the amount paid for their license renewal, the gallons entered, the total fee required, and the amount to be paid or refunded if applicable. If licensees owe an additional fee, they can submit an online payment immediately. A limited number of licensees will not be able to report their production online this year due to the 2022 renewal fee waivers. Licensees unable to utilize the online report can submit the Form ABC-261 by mail.

The License Administrator role was added to ABC’s Online Services in May 2022, and ABC added the License Administrator Designee role in May 2023. The License Administrator has the authority to manage ABC licenses online. A License Administrator Designee is someone the License Administrator invites to help manage licenses or Responsible Beverage Service server rosters.

Licensees can create a user account with a License Administrator role on ABC’s Online Services website. Creating an account requires a validation code for each license. New validation codes will be mailed to winegrowers and wine blenders in early September.


Additional information may be obtained by contacting:

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Phone: (916) 419-2525

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