Apr 6, 2022

Notice of the Expiration of Regulatory Relief

This Notice is to remind licensees that all regulatory relief measures implemented by the Department during the COVID-19 pandemic have ended.

The Department previously issued 18 different relief measures intended to provide flexibility to licensed businesses impacted by restrictions caused by the spread of COVID-19. While most of these relief measures were rescinded effective either June 30, 2021, or December 31, 2021, one measure, authorizing craft distillers to ship or deliver distilled spirits directly to consumers away from the licensed premises (subject to the 2.25 liters per consumer per day), was extended for a short period of time. As stated in the Ninth Notice of Regulatory Relief, this expired on March 31, 2022.

Business and Professions Code section 23504 provides that Type-74 craft distiller licensees may sell up to 2.25 liters, for consumption off the licensed premises, per consumer per day of distilled spirits manufactured or produced by the licensee. These sales may only be made to consumers in person at the licensed premises. This means that existing law does not authorize craft distillers to deliver such alcoholic beverages to consumers away from the licensed premises by any means, including by direct shipment via common carrier, delivery by employees of the licensee, or by third party delivery companies. Violation of these statutory requirements may subject a licensee to disciplinary action by the Department.

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