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Find the forms you need to complete your application for an Alcoholic Beverage Control license. Avoid submitting an invalid form with your application by using the most up to date documents on this page.

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Items marked with NEW are updated to reflect the fee changes effective 7/1/2019.

Form Revised Date Description
ABC 069 03/99 Statement of Citizenship, Alienage, and Immigration Status for State Public Benefits
ABC 069A 03/99 Alien Verification Acknowledgement
ABC 099-E 09/14 Complaint Against Licensee
ABC 099-L 12/03 Citizen's Log of Disruptive Activity
ABC 140 12/09 Certification Re Chapter 15 Tied-House Restrictions
ABC 207F 01/02 Declaration of Service By Mail
ABC 207E 09/05 Notice Of Intention To Engage In The Sale Of Alcoholic Beverages
ABC 208-A 06/13 Individual Personal Affidavit (must also complete for Officer of a Corporation)
ABC 208-B 12/03 Individual Financial Affidavit (must also complete for Officer of a Corporation)
ABC 209NEW 07/19 Application Withdrawal
ABC 209 InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 211-SIGNEW 07/19 Application Signature Sheet ("Sign On")
ABC 211-ANEW 07/19 License Transfer Request ("Sign Off")
ABC 211-A InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 212 03/14 Supplier Entertainment Permit Authorized By Business And Professions Code Section 25600.5
ABC 215NEW 07/19 Event Authorization Application
ABC 215 InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 216NEW 07/19 Out-Of-State Beer Manufacturer's Certificate Application
ABC 217 01/19 Application Questionnaire
ABC 217 InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 218NEW 07/19 Catering or Event Authorization Application
ABC 218 InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 219NEW 07/19 Advice of Correction
ABC 221NEW 07/19 2018 Application for Daily License
ABC 221 InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 222 01/04 Wine Sales Event Authorization
ABC 227 02/07 Notice of Intended Transfer of Retail Alcoholic Beverage License under Section 24073 and 24074 California Business and Professions Code
ABC 227 InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 227-A 11/99 Notice of Intended Transfer of Retail Alcoholic Beverage License under Section 24071.1 or 24071.2 California Business and Professions Code
ABC 227-A InstructionsNEW 07/19
ABC 231 10/08 License Action Request
ABC 231 Instructions 10/08
ABC 238  12/03 Permit For Temporary Continuation of Retail Business
ABC 239  09/14 Additional License/Permit Application
ABC 241 NEW 07/19 Application/Permit for Private Warehouse
ABC 243 NEW 07/19 Corporate Questionnaire
ABC 244NEW 07/19 Change in Licensee Information or Licensed Premises
ABC 247  12/03 Statement Re: Residences (Rule 61.4)
ABC 248 NEW 07/19 Wine Direct Shipper Permit Application
ABC 251  05/14 Statement Re: Consideration Points
ABC 253 NEW 07/19 Supplemental Diagram
ABC 255  10/16 Zoning Affidavit
ABC 256 NEW 07/19 Limited Partnership Questionnaire
ABC 256-LLC NEW 07/19 Limited Liability Company Questionnaire
ABC 257 NEW 07/19 Licensed Premises Diagram (Retail)
ABC 257-A-1 NEW 07/19 Example A of Licensed Premises Diagram (Retail)
ABC 257-B-1 NEW 07/19 Example B of Licensed Premises Diagram (Retail)
ABC 257-NR 2-sidedNEW 07/19 Licensed Premises Diagram (Non-Retail, 2-sided)
ABC 273  01/11 Application By Former Licensee To Sell Stock Of Alcoholic Beverages
ABC 275 NEW 07/19 Information Concerning Interim Retail Permit
ABC 282  06/00 Declaration Re Temporary Permit
ABC 283  12/03 Information Concerning Temporary Permit
ABC 288NEW 07/19 Beer Keg Registration Supply Order
ABC 292  03/00 Application for Reinstatement
ABC 299  10/11 Clerk's Affidavit and Sign
ABC 405FL  02/14 Application to Determine Qualifications of Lessee
ABC 405M NEW 07/19 Application to Determine Qualifications of Manager
ABC 409  04/14 Direct Shipments and Internet Sales of Alcoholic Beverages.
ABC 410  06/16 California Beer Shipper's Agreement.
ABC 412  12/15 Beer Brand Registration
ABC 412 Instructions 12/15
ABC 413NEW 07/19 Instructions To Out-Of-State Distilled Spirits Shippers
ABC 414  07/12 Out-Of-State Distilled Spirits Shipper's Agreement
ABC 510-A  04/14 Protest Against Alcoholic Beverage License Application
ABC 529NEW 07/19 Information about General Bed and Breakfast Inn License (Type 80)
ABC 531  05/04 On-Sale Premises Inspection Sheet
ABC 537  05/04 Off-Sale Premises Inspection Sheet
ABC 578 06/16 Instructions to Out-of-State Beer Vendors
ABC 607  11/00 Incident Log
ABC 701-LG 11/18 Malt Beverage Price Schedule (For Legal Sized Paper)
ABC 701-LT 11/18 Malt Beverage Price Schedule (For Letter Sized Paper)
ABC 701 Instructions 11/18
ABC 702  01/18 Malt Beverage Price Schedule (For Electronic Price-Posting Application)
ABC 811  04/13 P-12 Request/Acknowledgement Form
ABC 812  11/11 P-12(A) Request/Acknowledgement Form
ABC 815  01/16 Limited Partner Affidavit Re: Private Equity Funds
ABC 820 04/18 Guide To Filing Mass Transfer Applications


Additional information may be obtained by contacting your local ABC District Office.