Enforcement / Compliance Forms

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    ABC 099-E Complaint Against Licensee
    ABC 099-L Citizen's Log of Disruptive Activity
    ABC 288-K Beer Keg Registration Supply Order
    ABC 506 FACT SHEET: Grant Assistance To Local Law Enforcement Program
    ABC 507 FACT SHEET: Retail Operating Standards Task Force (ROSTF)
    ABC 509 FACT SHEET: Decoy Shoulder Tap Program
    ABC 511 FACT SHEET: Minor Decoy Program
    ABC 512 FACT SHEET: Tapped
    ABC 513 FACT SHEET: Operation Trapdoor
    ABC 521 FACT SHEET: Impact Program
    ABC 531 On-Sale Premises Inspection Sheet
    ABC 533 IMPACT: Employment of Minors
    ABC 537 Off-Sale Premises Inspection Sheet
    ABC 544 IMPACT: Beer Keg Registration
    ABC 545 IMPACT: Harmful Matter
    ABC 546 IMPACT: Drug Paraphernalia
    ABC 546-A Notice to Licensees Concerning Drug Paraphernalia Under Section 24200.6 Business & Professions Code
    ABC 566 IMPACT: Weapons
    ABC 567 IMPACT: Officer Powers; Inspections
    ABC 568 IMPACT: Concurrent Sales of Gasoline and Alcohol
    ABC 569 IMPACT: Retail Operating Standards
    ABC 570 IMPACT: Slot Machines
    ABC 571 IMPACT: Food Service
    ABC 572 IMPACT: Attire, Entertainers and Conduct
    ABC 596 IMPACT: Retail-to-Retail Sales
    ABC 597 IMPACT: Posting of License; License Conditions
    ABC 598 IMPACT: Retailers Required to Post Warning Notices
    ABC 599 IMPACT: Objectionable Conditions