Exam Process

Submit a State Application, applicable unofficial college transcripts, and a Criminal Record Supplemental Questionnaire to The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at 3927 Lennane Drive, Suite 100 Sacramento, CA 95834.

Apply For Exam


Accepted applications: All accepted applicants will receive a notice in the mail approximately three (3) weeks prior to the exam date with pertinent information regarding the exam.

Appear for exam: Applicants are required to bring either a photo identification (driver’s license) or two (2) forms of signed documentation when they appear for the examination.

Result letters: Candidates who have taken the exam will receive written notification of their exam results in 4-6 weeks from their exam date.

Change application information: If you need to change information on your application (address, name, etc.) after the application was submitted for the exam, please contact Human Resources at (916) 419-2557 or HumanResources@abc.ca.gov.

Prepare for Exams Using Study Guides

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