After interviews are held, management will select the most qualified candidate for background.

Background Checklist

Personal History Statement (PHS): The Personal History Statement (PHS) is an extensive document used to collect information regarding applicants past residences, acquaintances, and employment histories. Download the PHS.

Fingerprints: You will be asked to visit a local facility that has LiveScan services available for fingerprinting. The rolling fee given by the store will be at the expense of the candidate. Visit the Department of Justice website to find fingerprinting locations.

Credit Check: A credit check will be processed for each candidate in background and is free. The candidate will be provided a copy of the credit report once the information is received.

Polygraph exam: You will be assigned a date, time, and location to appear for your polygraph exam. You will be asked to complete a screening booklet for the polygraph examiner. During the exam you will be asked a number of questions regarding your personal history, life experiences, drug history, and other factors that are related to a selection of a peace officer.

Peace Officer Reading and Writing Ability Assessment (PelletB exam): Every candidate shall be able to read and write at the levels necessary to perform the job of a peace officer. Achievement of a score deemed acceptable by the hiring Department of the PelletB exam is required. This exam will be administered by an ABC proctor and will be given to the applicant during the background process. If you have already taken this exam, please provide your background investigator with a copy of your results letter. If you fail the exam, you can retest but you must wait a period of 30 calendar days before you can retest. View the PelletB preparation guide.

Conditional Offer of Employment (COE): Once a background has been approved, the candidate will be given a COE contingent on the candidate passing the medical and psychological exams.

Medical exam: Every peace officer candidate shall be evaluated by a licensed physician to determine if the candidate is free from any physical (i.e., medical) condition that might adversely affect the ability to exercise peace officer powers [Government Code section 1031(f)]. The physician shall conduct the evaluation on behalf of and for the benefit of the employing Department.

The Department will reimburse the candidate, only if hired, the actual cost of the physical up to a maximum of $85.28. When an audiometric evaluation (hearing test) is required, the Department will reimburse the new employee the actual cost of the evaluation up to a maximum of $35.79.

Candidates must also undergo a drug screening test.

Psychological exam: Every peace officer candidate shall be evaluated to determine if the candidate is free from any emotional or mental condition that might adversely affect the ability to exercise peace officer powers and to otherwise ensure that the candidate is capable of withstanding the psychological demands of the position. There is a written exam and then an oral interview with a qualified psychological evaluator. The Chief Psychologist at CalHR will submit their determination if you are psychologically suitable for a peace officer position.


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