ABC Conducts Investigation of Type 75 Brew Pub Restaurant Licenses

The Department finds dozens of Violations and seeks Compliance with Beer Production Requirements

Sacramento – The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has discovered violations at numerous ABC Type 75 Brew Pub Restaurant locations while conducting a statewide investigation into complaints that the locations were not actually operating as brew pubs.

California law gives a wide range of privileges to establishments licensed as brew pubs, including the ability to serve distilled spirits like vodka and whiskey, but it also requires that they operate as genuine brew pubs, which requires that they brew beer on the premises and operate a restaurant.

After numerous complaints from across the state, ABC Agents visited over 70 premises and discovered nearly 50 were either not brewing beer at all, were not brewing quantities for service consumers expect of a legitimate brew pub, or were otherwise not functioning as a brew pub.

“California’s craft beer industry is a national leader and brew pubs are an important part of that, ” said ABC Director Jacob Appelsmith. “ This statewide investigation make s it clear that the ABC is committed to protecting the integrity of the craft beer industry and expects licensees to be compliant with the law in order to sustain a fair and healthy marketplace. The department prefers increased compliance through education bu t will use enforcement tools to ensure compliance. ”

There are approximately 150 Type 75 Brew Pub licensed premises in California and ABC’s investigation found nearly a third of those locations were not operating legitimately.

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ABC is a department of the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency.