Apr 1, 2020

ABC Announces 30-Day extension on Annual License Renewal Fees and Late Renewal Penalty Fees

The temporary relief is in effect immediately

Sacramento – ABC Director Jacob Appelsmith announced today that ABC licensees paying annual renewal fees or penalties on late annual renewal fee payments have been given a 30-day grace period.

The director’s announcement comes after Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order that will provide tax, regulatory, and licensing extensions for businesses. ABC’s announcement encompasses two main areas, ABC licensees paying their annual renewal fees that allow them to continue operating, and ABC licensees who owe the State of California penalty fees related to late payment of their annual renewal fees.

“We know businesses are hurting as they continue fighting to slow the spread of COVID -19,” said ABC Director Jacob Appelsmith. “We hope this 30-day grace period will help them through this stretch as we all work together to help businesses and keep communities safe.”

Below is ABC’s schedule spelling out the 30-day relief period for those licensees who are paying their annual renewal fees.


Temporary Renewal Schedule


Below is ABC’s schedule providing details on the 30-day relief period for those licensees who are late paying their annual renewal fees and owe penalties as a result of those late payments.


Temporary Penalty Schedule


In addition to the 30-day extension for annual renewal fees and penalty fees, ABC encourages licensees to see other tools that can assist them during this difficult period. The department just released a new document on ABC’s public website called Guidance by License Type to help California’s alcoholic beverage industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new guidance tool is an easy to use, quick reference document that shows what licensees with on-sale privileges are able to do under the First Notice of Regulatory Relief that ABC announced on March 19.

The Guidance by License Type tool, along with ABC’s updated Frequently Asked Questions, were developed to help California’s large and diverse alcoholic beverage industry weather this crisis.

“ABC staff will continue to listen to concerns and ideas from the industry and the public as all of us respond to this pandemic,” said Appelsmith. “Many Californians have filed for unemployment recently, and we are committed to do anything we can to ease some of the state’s economic stress.”

ABC is a department of the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency.

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