L.E.A.D. Training - Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs

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    Licensees, their employees, and license applicants will likely note how interesting and informative the classes are. The classes include instruction on checking various forms of identification, detecting and preventing illegal activity, liability laws and much more. Training classes are 4 hours long. At the conclusion of the class, there will be a quiz on the material that was covered. Each person that fulfills all of the training requirements will receive a card certifying that they successfully completed a L.E.A.D. training course

    **On-site LEAD classes are no longer available. To view a list of other RBS trainer providers that may provide a class at your place of business; please visit the following link then scroll down to the “List of RBS Training Providers”.


    Training Guidelines

    The guidelines below must be followed to ensure the class is successful and the participants receive a completion card.

    • Latecomers will not be admitted.
    • Students may not leave class early (to go to work, etc.).
    • No drinking of alcoholic beverages in class.
    • No music in class.
    • No sleeping in class.
    • No use of cellular phones in class.
    • Bring your own interpreter if needed.
    • Pass the LEAD Training Quiz. (Quizzes are offered in English).


    • The Three Strikes Law (effective 1/1/1995) requires revocation of an ABC license if an establishment has three violations within three years (of selling alcohol to, or permitting consumption of alcohol by, a minor). LEAD Training can help reduce the risk of license revocation.
    • Possible reduced insurance premiums
    • Provides ways to deal with difficult situations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make reservations for a LEAD Training Class?

    To make a reservation, you must find the nearest ABC District Office on the LEAD Training Schedule. You must contact the phone number listed below that office. Some offices are listed as “First Come/First Serve” so no reservations are required or accepted.

    How long is my LEAD completion card valid?

    The LEAD completion cards do not expire. However, we will only issue replacement cards to those that have taken the class within the past 2 years.

    ABC recommends that licensees and their employees take the LEAD training class but the department does not require it (unless it is required as a part of your conditional ABC license).

    There are several local agencies that require responsible beverage service. Those agencies may mandate that you take a RBS class every few years. You should contact that local agency for information about how often the training is required.

    How do I get a replacement LEAD completion card?

    If your LEAD completion card was lost or stolen, you can order a replacement by contacting Patricia Bearup at (916) 419-2500 or Patricia.Bearup@abc.ca.gov. *Replacement cards are only issued if you have taken the class within the last 2 years.

    I have several employees that need training. Can I schedule a training class at my business?

    ABC no longer provides off-site LEAD training. People seeking Responsible Beverage Service training can attend a LEAD class at one of the ABC district offices or contact another RBS training provider for more training options.

    To view the LEAD training schedule, go to the following website:


    To view the list of other RBS training providers, visit the following website:


    Are the trainers on the RBS list employees of ABC?

    No, the training providers on the List of RBS Training Providers are not employees or representatives of ABC. ABC does not endorse or evaluate any of the programs.

    If I attend a class given by a different RBS training provider, do I still get a L.E.A.D. card?

    No, you can only obtain a LEAD completion card by attending a LEAD training class. It is at the discretion of each training provider whether or not they provide completion cards showing you attended their training.