Precedential Decisions

    Under the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”), a decision containing a significant legal or policy determination of general application that is likely to recur may be designated as precedential. (See Government Code section 11425.60). Once a decision is designated as precedential, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (hereinafter “Department”) may rely on the decision, and parties may cite to such decision in their argument to the Department, Appeals Board and courts.

    All Precedential Decisions
    Case Number* Case Type Case Name Date
    18-01-L Modification of Conditions PAON CARLSBAD LCC dba 83 DEGREES 09/04/2018
    18-02-E Drink Solicitation Condition Violations DU HEE BAE dba PHAROS SHRINE 09/04/2018

    *Case Numbers are formed by the last two digits of the calendar year, the numerical order of issuance during the calendar year, and designation of the matter as either L (Licensing) or E (Enforcement).